A good result with Bredbandskollen is absolutely no proof that you won't experience other problems. Our measurement method has some inefficiencies that could make you experience problems without disrupting the result from our test engine.

For example, keep in mind that:

  1. The Bredbandskollen measurement only runs for 20 seconds (10 sec for upload, 10 sec for download). If you have occasional problems when the measurement is in progress, your speed could be higher than what the result shows.
  2. It is difficult to measure the speed continuously with Bredbandskollen and it's quite possible that you have interference on your connection when you're not using the service.
  3. Bredbandskollen measures against servers that are located at the Swedish hubs in Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, Sundsvall and Luleå. In most cases, it is an entirely different service that you really are interested in (for example,. Google, Facebook, Flickr etc) and these are at completely different locations. If your operator's connection to these servers are unstable for some reason, Bredbandskollen knows nothing about it and it would not have any effect on the measurement.
  4. The Bredbandskollen measurement sends large amounts of traffic in a way that is designed to display the connections at absolute maximum speed. There are very few other services that work this way and it is therefore quite possible that web, mail or tv services might perform badly even though you get a good result with Bredbandskollen.

It is important that you contact your Isp if you are experiencing problems with your connection, even if you get a good result with Bredbandskollen.