When using multiple devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone, broadband tv) on the same connection, it is not surprising that some of them get worse speed than others. Since they all share the same connection, the speed in which they receive data is not as good as with a single computer connected. Try to disconnect the other devices from the network, and redo the measurement.

If that doesn't help then other common causes of low performance with high-speed connections can either be your router or computer's firewall that is not capable of handling rapid traffic.

Make sure that your computer is connected directly to the broadband socket (with Lan cable) and turn off any software firewall and antivirus with traffic control temporarily when you do the measurement. Now you can see what speed you get directly through the jack.

If the result improves, you can proceed to examine if it is the router or the settings in the firewall that are limiting your speed.

You can also try to do the measurement in a different web browser to see if that's where the problem lies.

There are more tips on what you can do to improve your speed in our Self help section, see http://www.bredbandskollen.se/atgardsguide.php, kika gärna där och se om något hjälper dig.

If the problem persists even after performing the proposed actions described above, make an error report to your service provider and let them take a look at your equipment and connection.