It is not uncommon that the actual speed is well below advertised maximum speed. The speed you actually get is determined by the coverage available where you are located and on how much traffic other people around you use at the same time as you. The capacity of a so-called "cell" is always limited.

In order for the promised higher speeds to be even theoretically possible, there must first and foremost be 4g coverage in your area. With only access to 3g (turbo-3g), the maximum speed will be considerably lower.

However, there are several things you as a user can do to optimize conditions for good speed. Since the reception can vary in different locations with mobile broadband, it can often be enough just moving a few meters for the signal strength to change.

Since walls interfere with the signal it is recommended to place your computer near a window.

Signal reception can also be influenced by surrounding wireless networks and other wireless devices such as other phones. Feel free to measure several times, at different locations over a few days in order to find the best location for getting a good result.

Also, make sure that no other applications or browser windows are running when you perform the test at Bredbandskollen.

Here you will find up to date Web browsers:

- Chrome can be found here:
- Firefox can be found here:
- Safari (Mac only) is already installed.
- Internet Explorer (Windows only) is already installed.

For more tips on what you can do to improve your speed, see the Self help section on our website,

If you still are dissatisfied with the speed you get in relation to what you have been promised, despite good coverage, you should contact your service provider.