There are a number of actions you can try to optimize your conditions for getting good speed. Common causes of bad performance with high-speed connections could be a router or firewall that is not capable of handling high speed traffic.

Make sure you are connected directly to the broadband socket with a cable and close other applications and browser windows when you are running a measurement.

In some cases, the browser, firewalls or antivirus with real-time scanning can also limit speed. Try to temporarily disable such programs when you do measure and check if your results will improve. You can also try using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to test if the problem is related to this. Alternatively try uninstalling any plugins (not flash!) and upgrade your browser.

Here you will find up to date Web browser:

- Chrome can be found here:
- Firefox can be found here:
- Safari (Mac only) is already installed.
- Internet Explorer (Windows only) is already installed.

Take a look at the Self help section for more tips.

If your speed is not affected by these actions the next step would be to report the error to your ISP and let them take a look at your equipment and connection.