Bredbandskollen is primarily a tool for measuring your broadband speed. The points part came in an attempt to add a competitive element around the measurement. A nice side effect of this is that it stimulates our users to perform measurements in places currently missing measurement data. This makes it possible for us to give a better service via the speedmap.

For every measurement you make over EDGE/3g, you will get points (Wifi measurements do not give any points).

The score is calculated based on the following factors:

  1. Everyone gets 5 base-points.
  2. The number of nearby measurements. The fewer measurements made, the higher your score. Find locations where few measurements have been made in order to get more points.
  3. If you have GPS activated, you get better accuracy, which in turn gives you more points. Wait a few seconds to see if the GPS indicator has three dots before you measure.
  4. Letting the app know your placement before the test is started will also give you more points.

All these points are added into a total score. The maximum you can get is 100 points per measurement.

When it comes to profile image and name we kindly ask you to use photos and name that is not of a pornographic nature or does not comply with good form. Users who do not comply with this request will be immediately blocked.

Every now and then we draw lots and give away Bredbandskollen T-shirts to users that have had the highest score a certain week. Check out our Facebook page at for more information about this. The points are not possible to use in any other way.