History lets you see your last 10 measurement results. With the help of the buttons at the top of the History page you can choose to view your measurements, measurements made by others with the same provider as you or measurements made with all providers.

Under My provider / All providers the app lists measurements made by you and others close to your current location. The list shows only 3g/Edge measurements made within 50 kilometers from you. The list is sorted on distance, so the closer to you the measurement is made, the higher up it is presented.

The symbol on each row indicates which type of measurement it is. 3G/Edge measurements will be shown as 5 bars and Wifi measurements will be shown as a fan.

Both of these lists show (in order from left to right) download speed, upload speed, response time, distance to to location where the measurement was made and its cardinal direction from where you are now. Line 2 shows the address where the measurement was performed. Line 3 shows the date and time of the measurement, the operator the measurement was carried out with and whether it was done indoors, outdoors or in a car.

By clicking on a list item, the measurement will be show on a map.