Flash has been around for a long time and has been used over the years for a variety of things on the Web. But as browsers have gotten smarter, the use of JavaScript/HTML5 is replacing Flash in many areas. For example, there was a time when a website could contain a Flash-based menu for navigation, or in some cases the whole website was made in Flash. This is becoming more and more unusual.

But Bredbandskollen is not primarily a Web page, it is an application for measuring bandwidth. Therefore, it is difficult to apply the general idea that Flash is outdated on Bredbandskollen. First we need to understand the challenges that Bredbandskollen is facing.

Browsers are not made for measuring bandwidth. Browsers are designed to view Web pages. Flash allows us to open our own sockets in the operating system that we can use to send data to and from our servers. This is done completely without involving the browser. It may sound strange but Flash is the only method we have found that lets us use the browser to load the Bredbandskollen app without using it to make the actual measurement. Thanks to this we get a result that is significantly more accurate than if we would have been forced to measure through the browser. In addition, we do not need to take into account what browser or operating system the user runs, Flash works much the same way in all configurations.

We spend thousands of man-hours each year to improve and refine our measuring methods. This includes scouting ahead to what the future might hold for Bredbandskollen. At present, it is not possible to replace Flash with JavaScript, as the comparable functionality is not there yet.

But why do some people think Flash is bad? It's still used for lots of things on the Web; Advanced things that the JavaScript of today is unable to solve, like Bredbandskollen. If Flash would disappear completely, the Web would probably be a poorer place. Many applications would have to be specifically developed for Mac and PC, making it harder for the user to install.

Flash is often considered to be unsafe. But Flash is a lot safer, from the user's perspective, if you compare it with installing a program on your computer. Flash provides the user with a distinct environment with limited access to the computer where the application cannot do any harm. If the browsers were to replace Flash in full, that responsibility would have to be placed on the browser itself. This would probably lead to a much less safe browsing experience.

If you don't want to use Flash, you can use Tptest. Tptest is an application (Swedish only) you install on your computer that lets you perform measurements without involving your Web browser. If you measure on an iPhone/iPad or Android phone, there are apps for iOS and Android  in the respective app stores that you can install instead of using Bredbandskollens Web page. These apps are more suitable for mobile measurements.

There is also a version for MacOS that works without flash, you can find it here.

If you have any further questions on this subject please feel free to ask them in our forum, we will respond as soon as possible!