Since it is impractical to deploy measuring servers at all of the Swedish Internet operators, Bredbandskollen measures bandwidth to the point we believe most Swedish operators have a good connection to; the internet exchange points (IX's) operated by Netnod.

Each server has the capacity to handle up to 2 Gbps. We have:

2 servers in Stockholm (Sweden)
2 servers in Sundsvall (Sweden)
2 servers in Malmö (Sweden)
2 servers in Gothenburg (Sweden)
2 servers in Oslo (Norway)
2 servers in Luleå (Sweden, NOTE! Only 1 Gbit/s per server)

Our total capacity is therefore 22 Gbit/s or about 22000 Mbit/s. To measure download speed takes about 10 seconds and we have just over 1 measurement per second during peak hours (evenings). The measurements are spread across all of our 10 servers with particular emphasis on the major cities. The majority of our measurements are made over ADSL and on connection speeds under 100 Mbps so there is little risk that our servers will be overloaded. In case we see a risk of this happening we are prepared to quickly increase the capacity to a total of 12 Gbps per server, but we do not think this will be needed for a number of years to come.

A specific test server gets chosen for you on the basis of an estimate of which server is closest. This estimate is based on the information we obtain from Maxmind. If you like, you can see what information Maxmind returns based on your ip address here:

The test server you use plays a smaller role as the speed is usually the same for all. However, you can choose to use a different test server than the one Bredbandskollen selected by doing an Advanced measurement.