We store the following information in the database after each measurement:

1. The date and time of the measurement
2. A non-personal identification code that connects the measurement with a cookie
3. Your computer's ip address
4. Information about the location of the user's operator
5. Measurement results (down/up link speed and latency)
6. The server used to measure against
7. The user's maximum speed if returned from operator or set by user
8. The user's operator
9. The user's operating system and web browser

The purpose for IIS (Internet Foundation in Sweden) in processing these data is to make it possible for the user to see their previous measurements and measurements of others nearby. IIS also use the data to provide a basis for debugging and statistics.

By using Bredbandskollen, you agree to:
a) letting IIS store the information from your measurement,
b) letting IIS use the information as a basis for statistics,
c) letting the results of your measurements be published anonymously on the Internet,
d) giving IIS the possibility to send this information to one or several parties within the EU/EES areas

e) that the information sent to the parties may be used by a party for spatial positioning based upon the measurement, and/or other internal technical evaluations and statistics. The party shall not use the information for marketing purposes.